WTAC 2018- We are done! Time to Party! This has been a great debut for this car and even though we are not the fastest, but the experience of being a part of motorsports and teamwork could not get any better than this! 2017 we say we will be here with a car in 2018 and here we are! We will be back faster, stronger and more aero!

Big shout out to the Cosmic Performance Crew and their Families!
Dan Mayers – driver/head mechanic (RB Builder)
Adam Watterson – head 2 mechanic ( wannabe team manager)
Jason Mayers – Brother / pitcrew
Mickey. E, Mick & Melinda- pitcrew
Blake Thomas – car detailer
Anthony – photos and in car footage

Our Sponsors
LINK Engine Management
Tonnka Works

Pedders Racing Bendigo – Grant and Kat Philips
Michael Stiglich – Alignments
Takako Nakayama- Japan
Liv- Dan’s better half
Robert Whyte – lending us spare wheels( motorsports friendship)
Ross honours – tuning advisor
Michael Lim

And to all the people who has come to support us in one way or another!

Thank you everyone!

Signing off

*(full report to come)

Henry Lim
Cosmic Performance

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